In the tradition of Portland's alternative art spaces, IN-HOUSE is an alternative, artist-run residency program, based out of a home in Portland, Oregon.

The mission of IN-HOUSE is to provide artists with free time and space to work, while developing an expanded arts network by building relationships in Portland's established and alternative arts communities.

IN-HOUSE is excited to welcome artists into the Portland arts community. Residents will have weekly studio visits with art professionals, artists, and writers based in Portland, culminating in a public solo exhibition of work created while in residence.

IN-HOUSE is organized and facilitated by Portland-based artists Jea Alford and Isaac Weiss. Weiss and Alford both received MFA’s in Contemporary Art Studio Practice from Portland State University in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Significant support for the operation of the residency is also given by IN-HOUSE's housemates.