Live: IN-HOUSE is housed in a 1909 one story, 3 room, 1 bath home with a studio outbuilding and large backyard, complete with chickens. Residents will be living alongside the home's three permanent occupants, and provided with a large room that has south facing windows, a desk, and full-size bed. The home is not large enough to accommodate more than one additional person at a time, so we kindly decline applications from collaboratives. Residents will have use of the home's kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, yard, internet, and growing library.

Work: There is desk space in the resident's bedroom, and residents will be provided with a 6' x 10' studio workspace in our detached workshop building, which has overhead florescent lighting. There is a small wood shop attached to the studio space artists will also have access to. The studio space is not suited to artists working in materials producing fumes, or toxic materials, as the studio's windows and door are our only ventilation system.

Place: IN-HOUSE is located in Portland’s inner Northeast Eliot neighborhood, a lively part of town, just a short walk from grocery stores, farm stands, parks, bars, restaurants, etc. No car is necessary but it is possible to bring one. A bike may be available for the resident’s use. IN-HOUSE is located near many bus lines, and Portland’s transit system makes it easy to get all over town to every art event.

Responsibilities: As residents will be sharing a domestic space with the home’s four permanent inhabitants, residents will be expected to participate in household chores and cleaning up after themselves. IN-HOUSE will supply bed and bath linens and an equipped kitchen, and residents will supply their own food and other provisions. IN-HOUSE is currently unable to offer financial assistance for resident's travel or shipment of supplies and work.